Dear Fellow Gourmet Travelers,
I fell in love with France as a young girl hearing stories about my great, great grandfather, who painted in Paris during the reign of Napolean III.  At 15, I spent a summer in France, living in a chateau in a tiny village in Normandy with a remarkable family who have remained friends for more than forty years. Madame Guichard shopped every morning at 8 am at the local market and then produced the most amazing lunches EVERY DAY for her extended family often numbering more than twenty. I began getting up early (rare for a 15 year old) so that I could go to the market with her to select the freshest fruits, vegetables and other seasonal delicacies and then I watched and later helped in the kitchen. The farmers and local village people were thrilled to meet an American girl interested in their food and way of life and everyone shared stories of how the American soldiers had saved their precious country. I was in heaven!
In 1993 our young family, moved to Paris for a year. I wanted our children, 8 and 11, to learn French but more importantly to experience, first hand, how another culture lives. The French, then and now, take time for their families EVERY DAY, largely around meals which are delicious but also an important time for people to be together, something sadly largely lost in America.  During this sabbatical year, I pursued my passion for French food and wine by wangling my way into the kitchens of a number of talented (most Michelin starred) chefs who allowed me to cook along side of them. As the year unfolded, these chefs, their families, and friends became my good friends.
Upon my return to the United States in 1994, fueled by the thrill of sharing behind-the-scenes culinary adventures, I created Les Liaisons Delicieuses, “Delicious Connections.”
From 1994 to 2001, LLD ran in-depth culinary/cultural adventures only to France. We then added Morocco, Vietnam, and Italy. We continue to seek and add other international destinations, including Sailing and Cooking in the Turkish Isles with Chef Reine Sammut. As a result, a new name, Delicious Connections, has been created.
I look forward to sharing a journey with you, off the beaten path and into small villages rich in culture and the kitchens of wonderful chefs.
Bon voyage et bon appetit!
Patricia R. Ravenscroft
Founder, Les Liaisons Delicieuses
Patti’s accolades include being named a Chevalière de l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole by the government of France in 2004. She received this acknowledgment for her work in educating Americans about French agricultural products. It is rare that an American receive such recognition. However, Patti’s appreciation for the French cuisine and her authentic presentation of it earned her this elite status.