The Name

Delicious Connections is the English translation for Les Liaisons Delicieuses. In 1994, Patti started offering trips in Paris and throughout France. The name, Les Liaisons Delicieuses, itself enjoys a French play on words as a liaison has both a social context and is a culinary term perfectly combining ingredients. Though France and francophone countries are still her primary focus, Patti has expanded her travels internationally, and is always eager to research and explore new destinations and experiences worldwide. Delicious Connections evolved naturally from its French name. Delicious cuisine remains a central part of each trip, as she connects people with the intimate settings of small villages, private homes and cultural adventures.

Small Group Size

Les Liaisons Delicieuses creates rich and complete itineraries for small groups of six to ten people. Every detail is taken care of. I love introducing my guests to small, off-the-beaten-path villages, where locals embrace travelers who marvel at their way of life. Every trip offers a wide range of experiences which introduce you to the culture, the people, and the foods and wines that sustain them. On every trip, we are invited into the home of at least one local family for a meal and it is always amazing how much the local people want to share with us.
Because everyone involved shares a passion for food, wine and local culture, trips with Delicious Connections feel like an opportunity for good friends to get to know each other better in exquisitely enticing settings.

Personalization with Every Detail

Knowing the details are so important, Patti travels to every location, kitchen, boutique hotel, castle, garden, studio, museum, village, and private home to ensure no element is overlooked.
Les Liaisons Delicieuses handles every detail with elegance and style, from the luxurious accommodations and meals, to the aprons and carefully translated recipes. After working in a kitchen or watching a demonstration, we remove our aprons and enjoy lunch or dinner in the dining room as special friends of the chef.

New Locations, New Tastes, New Cultures

Patti personally creates each new itinerary for the trips she and her guides lead. She loves to explore new locations and has a natural ability to connect with chefs, artists and locals by simply beginning conversations. If there is a location you have always wanted to visit, suggest it to Patti. She will travel off-the-beaten-path to find the local sights and the culinary delights of a new region.